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New sickle cell treatment sparks feelings of hope and some hesitancy among Black patients

The therapy, Casgevy, was approved by the Food and Drug Administration on Friday.

Published December  7, 2023


More addictive and harder to quit: Health groups want Black menthol smokers to know support groups can help

A ban on menthols has long been sought by public health experts and advocacy groups, and it would have a disproportionate effect on Black smokers.

Published November 25, 2023

Discrimination may disrupt how the brain and the gut talk to each other, raising risk of obesity, study finds

More than 100 participants underwent brain scans and had their gut bacteria measured to study the effects of discrimination.

Published October 4, 2023


‘Waiting with bated breath’: Health clinics anxious for Covid vaccines weeks after rollout

In some cases, community health centers have received only a fraction of the doses they've ordered. Other clinics have yet to receive a single shipment.

Published October 12, 2023

Black people are beating the odds by turning 100 — and they’re celebrating on TikTok

While the life expectancy for a Black person in the U.S. was around 71 in 2021, many Black older adults are defying the odds by living past 100.

Published October 27, 2023

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