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FUTURE NOW Media & Entertainment Conference

On May 29, 30, and 31 of 2019, I attended the FUTURE NOW Media & Entertainment Conference. The three day conference gave me access to exclusive panel discussions, round table mentor talks, and an all-access media tour. In order to attend the conference, a student must submit an application and be accepted. This year's conference had a total of 300 participants, 15 topics, 15 sessions and 56 speakers. Day 1 included a networking reception; Day 2 a full conference day involving speakers from companies such as HBO, AMC, and A&E, BET and more; and the final day, which included two media tours, chosen according to each student's liking. I chose to visit the Good Morning America Concert Series featuring Ciara in Central Park, to get an inside look on the process of pre-air production and live performances. Later in the day, I visited BET Networks in Times Square where I learned more about the company and gained valuable advice from the BET staff. Overall, this conference was a great experience and helped me learn how to be successful in gaining experience and a future job in the media industry.

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