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Claretta J. Bellamy


Originally from West Orange, New Jersey, I am a journalist and video producer residing in Newark. I started my college education at Rider University in Lawrenceville, New Jersey, and later transferred to Rutgers University-Newark, where I received my BA in journalism with a minor in video production.  From my previous digital media, communication, and writing courses, I have become familiar with shooting and editing video clips, writing for social media and news outlets, and public speaking. I am currently a news fellow in NBCU Academy's embed program. Working under NBC BLK, I write stories focused on issues that impact the Black community.


As we live in a digitally-centered world that continues to evolve, majoring in digital communications is a great choice for my future career. The television, radio, and film industry requires individuals with the skills and knowledge I hold to be involved in completing successful projects. Journalism will allow me to enhance my writing skills which I can use to express my opinion, represent a company, or inform readers of important events occurring in current society. Making videos fuels creativity within my own self and constantly inspires me to think about different career paths which I may take. With my own creativity, I hope to create work that not only informs but inspires people to change the world.


My long term career goals are to become a journalist and an independent documentary filmmaker. Ideally I would like a position that would enable me to write on social and cultural issues, such as poverty. I realize that becoming a journalist today will be quite challenging, as the number of traditional journalist positions has changed. However, I am flexible and would enjoy working in various types of work settings; including entertainment, business, and health. I would enjoy meeting, interviewing, and documenting people who see the world and its problems from a wide array of perspectives.   I also would like to work on the set of a television news program or film studio, assisting in production and writing content.

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